LIMCHIP company is committed to using our expertise to provide customers with comprehensive solutions to electronic component supply chain challenges.



●  Specificaiton-based Testing


●  Strict Channel Control


●  Standardized warehousing



We focus on IC supply chain services, we uphold professional people to do professional things, using our   professional quality to provide customers with high-quality electronic components procurement services.



One mind is powerful. A team of minds is limitless. A team of TIers is unstoppable.

Grow your potential:deepen your expertise, broaden your horizons and build new skills.

A High-quality Services Organization

Sales&Marketing Department


The most professional ICs service team.




Our sales members have the most professional quality and experience, each member of the service of the customer has enough knowledge and understanding. We not only provide our customers with quality and reliable products, we also give our customers the best service. To provide customers with the most perfect choice of electronic components supply chain.We have enough training, and enough corporate mechanism to strictly require our sales staff to do a good job of chip procurement services for customers.
I believe we are your best choice, but also the most correct choice.
We will do all this as we always do.


Our supplier


Where we have the greatest advantage.




Because our core personnel come from large global agents and original manufacturers, we have a great advantage in the supply chain of chip procurement. There are many brands we can offer to our customers, and many product lines where we have channel advantages.

As long as you have the demand, we have enough channels, enough professionals for you to find the most appropriate price, to find the most appropriate products, everything will make you satisfied.


Our channels are derived from agents such as arrow, avent, apg, manica and other agents, as well as the channels of AA customers of various original factories, including but not limited to the resources of large factories such as Foxconn.

A Professional Team

A Strong Quality Control

Strict Quality Control


Quality assurance is one of our business philosophy.





First of all, we control every piece of IC we provide to customers from the source. We only purchase chips from regular agents and factories. We have a strict supplier selection mechanism and a strict quality management system.


Secondly, we have complete QC process, perfect testing equipment, professional quality testing and supervision departments.


We guarantee that every chip we sell is strictly controlled by us, and we do not allow chips that fail to meet the inspection standards to be sold to customers.